Ridgid R4120 Compound Miter Saw Review

There are a lot of names in the market concerning miter saws. The choices are vague that consumers tend to be confused with the process of choosing the right tool. Ridgid R4120 Compound Miter Saw is one which is in the pool of the choices of miter saws in the market. Remember the features packed inside this saw and you may found what you are looking for in a miter saw.

Ridgid R4120 Compound Miter Saw Features

  • Heavy duty 15 amp motor
  • Ergonomic D handle design
  • Work clamp
  • Comes with an easy release bevel
  • Sliding miter fence
  • Laser guide
  • Dust port
  • Left side table extension

Designed for Convenience and Power

The product does not only have to stand as good aesthetically but the looks should come at a sustainable use. This is defined in Ridgid R4120 Compound Miter Saw.

The D handle is conveniently designed too to fit with the structure of the hand. This makes it possible to stay relaxed after hours of working with the device. Hands will never be strained again because the shape of the handle is designed specifically to fit with the hands.

It has a working clamp too which is used to anchor the material to be cut – a great tool indeed, to put up with the device in a stationary way thus avoiding the occurrence of sudden tipping. This is one of the accessories that consumers who have the knowledge of carpentry often look for in the device.

The power of Ridgid R4120 Compound Miter Saw is also a thing to watch for. It is powered by a powerful motor that can extend up to 15 amps – a complete boost that is enough to turn smooth cutting to a success.

Extra Deals

Ridgid R4120 Compound Miter Saw is armed with its own dust bag that is great to house the dust particles that might come bothering the user while working on cutting the materials like wood. The particles are all attracted by the bin to serve the purpose.

Another extra that is added in Ridgid R4120 Compound Miter Saw is the extendable base. Extending the base is such a plus since it does help accommodate the wood well enough. It has also sliding fences that work great in anchoring the material of different sizes and thickness.

Ridgid R4120 Compound Miter Saw also links its innovations to advanced technology. It makes use of laser technology in creating a guide before the material is being cut.

Advantages of Using Ridgid R4120 Compound Miter Saw

  • It makes use of a powerful motor that is sure to deliver just enough boosts to finish a certain task.
  • Uses new technology like the laser guide for a more accurate end product.
  • A dust port is present to collect the dust accumulated from cutting wood.
  • Table extension works well to maintain the balance between the tool and the material to be cut.
  • Sliding miter fence works effectively in anchoring the material in place while cutting its edges.

Disadvantages of Using Ridgid R4120 Compound Miter Saw

  • Laser guide needs a certain point of expertise to master.
  • Saw dusts are not all collected by the dust bin. This is one of the things often taken for granted by the manufacturer.

Ridgid R4120 Compound Miter Saw is generally something to try. This is packed with the features that are overwhelming. All you have got to do is to see it for yourself.