Ridgid MS1065LZA Compound Miter Saw Review

Ridgid MS1065LZA Compound Miter Saw is just another useful addition in the realization of your carpentry needs. This miter saw is not just the ordinary obsolete saw but rather is more advanced than its competing brands. Heavy features however do not equate to its price because this one is such a very affordable miter saw you would not even think possible.

Ridgid MS1065LZA Compound Miter Saw Features

  • Powered by a 15 amp motor
  • Ergonomic handle for easy grip and handling
  • Comes with a work clamp holding the material in place
  • Sliding miter fence
  • Adjustable laser guide
  • Comes with extendable table
  • Carbide tip blade
  • Dust bag

Powerful Compact Motor

Consumers often look at the power of the motor when buying a perfect miter saw. Ridgid MS1065LZA Compound Miter Saw does not leave consumers empty handed since this has the motor that is able to yield that power that can go as much as 15 amps. This power is enough to provide non-stop workforce without the possibility of fluctuation.

A powerful motor is nothing without a durable housing. This model of miter saw defines the meaning of durability as it encloses the system with durable stainless steel housing. With this construction, you are sure that the device will last long without the interference of rust.

Convenient to Use

Talking about convenience, Ridgid MS1065LZA Compound Miter Saw has a soft grip D shaped handle that is ergonomically designed for long term use. There is no possibility of straining your hands though you will have extended use of it since the grip alone is designed to provide convenience.

Does the board you are about to cut go beyond the usual size to which miter saws are designed? No worries. Ridgid MS1065LZA Compound Miter Saw has its own adjustable table that will extend the surface to accommodate the material to cut. Furthermore, the sliding fence comes adjustable too, thus the name. Completely hold the material in place because the device is able to adjust on your need.

Advantages of Using Ridgid MS1065LZA Compound Miter Saw

  • Handles are designed for comfort.
  • You are sure to get smooth cut edges since the motor is powerful enough to deliver a boost.
  • Adjustable features come in substantial use as it comes to adjust to your demands.
  • It has its very own dust bag to avoid the dust accumulated from cutting wood to scatter around the area.
  • Works flawlessly even if it has been used for more than years.

Disadvantages of Using Ridgid MS1065LZA Compound Miter Saw

  • Caps do not stay in place even if it has been adjusted to stay.
  • Several adjustments do not really result to success since the screws often loosen that it has to be checked from time to time.

Considering the benefits and the flaws that come with Ridgid MS1065LZA Compound Miter Saw, one may say that this is generally a decent miter saw to use. The price is put in such a way that a lot of people can afford thus the service probably.

But mainly, given the features, this device is a nice buddy to start polishing your carpentry skills by doing some DIY tasks. As this device comes in a manual too you will come guided. So if you are looking for an affordable miter saw, try Ridgid MS1065LZA Compound Miter Saw now.