Makita LS1216LX Compound Miter Saw Review

Makita LS1216LX Compound Miter Saw will not disappoint you as you can get the perfect and accurate cuts from its powerful motor. This dual slide miter saw offers the largest cross cutting capacity than its competitors. With the jobsite miter stand, you can now get the full benefit from this tool as offers mobility and convenience to its users. The patented four-steel rail sliding system has increased its supportability and holds the materials well so that you can get précised quality cuts.

Product Features of Makita LS1216LX Compound Miter Saw

  • Get pleasure of work from the adjustment free six linear ball bearings and four steel rail sliding system
  • Comes with autonomous micro fine laser that direct the cut by turning on and off; off means that the line is cut right or left of the blade
  • Specially designed 5.5 inch tall sliding fence system (dual sliding)
  • Comes with 5 position miter stand to be used at jobsite
  • 9 feet long material extension that provides portable features
  • You can now enjoy 8 inches of crown molding when the material is nested vertically
  • Enjoy 6.5 inch baseboard cuts vertically
  • Get 15 inch crosscuts at right angle
  • Increased Cutting Capacity and Accuracy

The Makita LS1216LX Compound Miter Saw has the ability to perform crosscuts up to 15 inches wide at right angle right out of the box meaning that you will not have to go through the hassle of having to install and set up the tool. Innovative engineering has been used to design its. The patented guard system is retractable; this feature has enhanced the vertical cutting capacity of this tool. Enjoy level and solid cuts with its exclusive six linear ball bearings. This has made the cuts dead on precise and exact.

Precise bevel cuts and miter cuts

The Makita LS1216LX Compound Miter Saw comes with a tall sliding fence. The four sliding fences can be adjusted in the upper side and also in the lower side so that it can be adjusted according to necessity for getting accurate cuts. The saw miters can be angled from zero to 52 degrees to the left and from zero to sixty-two degrees to the right. The positive stops at 45, 31.6, 22.5, 15 and zero degree is noteworthy as it helps to get cuts of various angles. The bevel lock at rear handle can be accessed easily and can be moved on both the sides (0-45 degrees). One can enjoy the easier features of precision adjustment as the bevel scales have been placed in the front for better visibility.

Easier Features

In addition to the enhanced cutting capacity, the Makita LS1216LX Compound Miter Saw offers precision and power and offers a wide range of convenient set ups. The patented four steel rail sliding system takes up less space than the other tools making it compact.

The blade guard is a see through one so that you can enjoy a better visibility of blade and the cut-line. You can easily maneuver the one-step blade and this has enhanced the efficiency of this tool.

One cannot help but talk about the ergonomic horizontal D-handle that has been rubberized for comfort and better fit. The trigger switch also has larger design that makes it easily accessible for operation.

Pros of Makita LS1216LX Compound Miter Saw

  • Soft start features make sure that the machine does not jerk
  • The tool does not produce much noise
  • The laser features works well and comes with a dedicated switch

Cons of Makita LS1216LX Compound Miter Saw

  • There is just one vertical clam