Makita LS1016LX Miter Saw Review

The Makita Company is one of the most popular companies that make construction tools in the world. This particular company has a lot of products that they offer to people. The Makita LS1016LX Miter Saw is one of the best-selling products that hit the market. The specific product has a lot of features that are very impossible into some other products.

The package of the said product is another feature of this product that people don’t see in some other products. This is because of the things that are included in their package together with the particular miter saw.

Product Features

  • The price of this product in some shops is decreasing from $1,198.00 down to $729.99.
  • It is the miter saw that has the largest capacity to cut the largest crown molding.
  • The design of this product is compact and installed with a system called 4-steel rail sliding.
  • The ball bearings of this product are linear and exclusive.
  • The cutting capacity of this product is up to 6 and 5/8 crown molding in vertical, 4 and ¾ on baseboard in vertical and can cross up to 90 degrees.
  • It weighs 160 pounds.


  • There are a lot of advantages and benefits that people can obtain in using the Makita LS1016LX Miter Saw. In fact, most of the advantages that people can get in using the product are absent in some other brands.
  • First and foremost, the design of this product is the most significant advantage. The design is said to be very compact compared to some other products.
  • The crown molding of Makita LS1016LX Miter Saw is another advantage. This is said to be the product that has the best and largest crown molding among all products.
  • The cutting capacity of Makita LS1016LX Miter Saw is also an advantage. Compared to some other products, the cutting capacity of this product is very large.


  • There are also some possible problems that people might get in using the Makita LS1016LX Miter Saw in construction. But, these problems have solutions that people can use to fix the particular problem.
  • The weight of the product is one of the most common complaints that customers have in using the particular brand of miter saw. This will be the cause of having difficulties to place the product from one place to another.
  • Another disadvantage of this product is the price that is quite expensive.
    Customers Reviews and Scores

In the Amazon website, there are several customers who purchased Makita LS1016LX Miter Saw. The scores and the reviews made by the customers are positive ones saying that this is one of the best miter saw in the world. The customers also recommend the product to some customers.


In choosing the right brand of miter saw, it is very advisable to have the Makita LS1016LX Miter Saw. Today, Makita LS1016LX Miter Saw is available all over the world. Online shops are the best way to have Makita LS1016LX Miter Saw because of the free delivery directly to the customers.