Makita 2414NB Portable Compound Miter Saw Review

Makita 2414NB Portable Compound Miter Saw is one modern tool which is sleeker than any other miter saws available in the market. The design is such put in a modern way that it tends to be portable too. But because there is a need to determine the things that are needed by the consumer first, take a glimpse to look for the specific features that come with the device.

Makita 2414NB Portable Compound Miter Saw Features

  • 15 amp motor
  • D shaped handle
  • Lock off button
  • Guide plate that can be adjusted to up to 45 degrees in both sides: left and right
  • Quick release vise
  • Spark diversion guard
  • Powerful Tool

Makita 2414NB Portable Compound Miter Saw is packed with a 15 amp motor that is strong enough to perform the tasks that are demanded. Cutting hard wood is never a problem since the detent plate is strong enough to resist the tough textured materials.

Conveniently Designed

The handle alone is a great advantage. The D shaped handle is enough to fit with the anatomical structure of the palms. The handle is conveniently placed to make sure that there is no straining once used for a long while. Such ergonomic design is yet the best so that performing cutting tasks would not leave you hurt.

Makita 2414NB Portable Compound Miter Saw is equipped with a lock off button. This button is an advantage because it waves away the possibility of having unnecessary start up that may come to lead to accidents.

Spark diversion guard is also designed for the safety of the user while using the item. There is always a possibility that sparks may take place so it is just good that the user has some sort of security.

Built for Precision

Makita 2414NB Portable Compound Miter Saw is a thing to consider when it comes to precision deals. Firstly, it has fences that are way too tall to be able to let the material stand stationary while the material is being cut. Anchoring the material is a good thing because it lets the user follow a certain guide without the tendency of any movement that may change the precision deals of the tool.

There is also a quick release vise. This feature is great to make sure also that the device stays in place and the material too in times when there is a need for fast and repeated cutting.

Advantages of Using Makita 2414NB Portable Compound Miter Saw

  • Comes in a powerful 15 amp motor that is able to do even the strongest hard wood.
  • There are safety features like the lock off button and the spark diversion guard making sure that that there is enough protection for the user. Lock off button prevents the tendency of starting the tool unnecessarily.
  • Tall fencing is available too in order to accommodate extra sized materials.
  • Handling the device is stress free because it has D shaped handle that is designed to suit the palm of every user’s hands.

Disadvantages of Using Makita 2414NB Portable Compound Miter Saw

  • The stability of the device is affected since this appears to be extremely light weight.
  • It is portable but maintenance is also a need because this light weight tool works not for heavy duty operations.

Makita 2414NB Portable Compound Miter Saw is a useful tool for cutting operations at home. It is up for your need to determine if this one will work for you.