DEWALT DW712 Miter Saw Review

Are you looking for a powerful tool to complete your home woodworks power collections? You can have DEWALT DW712 Miter Saw is one of your excellent choice. It is the new miter saw available in the market today combines with power and useful functions. This powerful tool is best for professionals and novice since it is easy and more convenient to use. Dewalt DW712 is a solo bevel sliding multiple miters saw powered by 15 amp motor and can strong at 5,400 RPM. This motor is so powerful that provides is best performance and durability.

Product Features

  • Powered by 15 amp motor that run strong about 5,400 RMP.
  • It has detent plate made in stainless steel which is adjustable that allows you to choose from 11 positive stops to make an accurate work.
  • It can cut crown nested perpendicularly about 3 ½ inches. It allows you to increase its cutting capacity vertically.
  • It can also cut base perpendicularly about 3 ¼ inches and it also allows you to increase its cutting capacity vertically.
  • Its left miter has the capacity of 50 while 60 on the right. This miter provides an amazing versatility during operations. Its bevel stop is easy to use at 0, -2, 33.9, 45, and 48.
  • The company provides 90 days money-back assurance with 1 year service contract and limited warranty for 3 years.


DEWALT DW712 Miter Saw is one of the best power tools that will complete your woodworks at ease. It is composed of its best features that brought lot of its benefit. DW712 miter saw made lightweight and purposely design to transport it easily when you having you home wood works service. It is made simple but it provides great versatility and high quality performance. It is also run by 15 amp motor that runs strong that manage its durability. It has adjustable detent plate that allows you ensure the accuracy when sawing. It makes a lot of sawing easier because of its large capacity ability.


DEWALT DW712 Miter Saw is perfect when it comes to its best features. There were some issues raised online but not that quite affect the whole advantages it provides to the user. One issue is that it is not that lightweight like what expected on then package. Although it provides great performance some find it’s hard especially with beginners.

Customer Reviews and Score

There is nothing you can say when you see it to yourself the best quality performance you will experience using DEWALT DW712 Miter Saw. Because of its best features that supports its performance, DW712 obtain a high score base from some online reviews. The overall customer reviews for DEWALT DW712 Miter Saw is 122. It obtains the total average score of 4.4 out of 5 stars. To summarize, there are 28 who rated 5 stars, 15 for 4 stars, 5 for 3 stars, 1 for 2 stars and 1 for 1 star.


There are many online reviews regarding DEWALT DW712 Miter Saw. Because of its best features, many still love the benefits it provides. It receives good praises and high ratings that only signify that DEWALT DW712 is highly recommended as one of your powerful tool in your woodworks powerhouse collections.