Compound Miter Saw

Saws have been around in one or the other form whether it is to cut wood in replacement of chopping. As time passed though, less and less effort was required thanks to advancements in the instrument itself. Saws transformed from normal cutting edge, to stronger design, to enhance forms such as chain-saw’s, to motor based functioning and then to electrically operate saw machines. Thanks to electrically powered saw’s cutting was made extremely easy and not just ending at this. Advancements continued on to give a variety of Saw’s that match the requirement of customer needs. From the 1970’s, well after the industrial revolution, electric power miter saw’s were made available to aid in cutting of miters and crosscut, with  maximum accuracy and easy to handle design.

How to Start With Miters Saw

Miters are beveled joints needed to be cut at a 45 degree angle, used commonly in framing, joining pipes and for molding purposes. This creation is deemed to be appreciated to ease the work of farmers, framers, builders, carpenters, and woodworkers The edge that a compound miter saw allows you to have is over cutting a variety of material including all kinds of wood such as plywood or hardwood, soft fiber board, aluminum sashes and decorative panels . With the compact, small and portable design you can quickly cut away with precise angle and is ideally used for small rip cuts. The saws are mainly available in three kinds of compound design:

  • Simple Compound: Vertical pivot rotation and tilted cutter head & blade for cuts made in   both horizontal and vertical planes giving you a range of angles to work within no matter what direction.
  • Sliding Compound: horizontally aligned sliding arms that serve as a cutter head, adapted for use of making cut’s to much wider boards. Dual Compound: Having the sliding design of the sliding compound and the pivot of a simple compound, both combined give amplified flexibility for an edge over more complicated cuts.

Various brands offer a range of models and benefits that you can avail all depending on how convenient of a design you are looking for. Examples of possible advantages that you can seek in a good compound miter saw are:

Guides to make accurate cuts, may it be laser guides or reference cutting lineblade guards with self retracting feature which otherwise if not present, can be very dangerous to use. Dust bag for collection of saw dust away from the working area safety clamps that help lock the material to be cut in position ability to cut wider and make accurate bevel joint cuts miter index allowing stop points to identify common angles powerful motor and electronic brake ergonomic handle for comfortable control and reduce of vibration durable and large table for greater support. A whole lot better than manual saw’s, this electrically powered machine is low on hazard and its small size makes it trouble-free in handling. It’s a whole new horizon leaving traditional saw’s far behind.