Bosch 5412 Slide Miter Saw Review

Bosch products have long predominantly existed in the market. Bosch 5412 Slide Miter Saw is yet another product introduced making way for more comfort and ease while working with your different cutting needs. But before a user may decide on this one, it is best to stay guided with the basic facts about the product.

Bosch 5412 Slide Miter Saw Features

  • Up front controls for range selector knob and bevel lock lever
  • Main handle locks in four positions
  • 25 ½ inch base
  • Built in length stop
  • Built in sliding extensions
  • Built In Convenience

Convenience on the part of the customer is one of the most important aspects to touch to make sure that the customer gets satisfied with the deal.Bosch 5412 Slide Miter Saw shares with the convenience as it comes with built in features that are truly one of a kind.

The device may look portable that consumers would find it unsuited with the heavy duty jobs. However, this device has extensions to accommodate the added need. It has a built in sliding extension and fence not just to house the material no matter how wide it is but also to anchor the material in place while the operation goes on.

It is best to know also that the tool has its own built in length stop. Sometimes, there is the time when one would feel a little awkward forgetting the scale of the wood cutting task. This built in mode comes in very handy though.

Versatile Design

The versatility of the Bosch 5412 Slide Miter Saw is worth the praise too. It has been marked and packed with adjustable features to truly serve the need of the user.

Count the main handle as an example. It can be locked in four positions which add with the accessibility of the device. There is no problem whether the user is left handed or right handed because the positions can be adjusted greatly. Let it follow the thing of your comfort as it can be moved and locked to the site that is comfortable with you.

One may think that a 25 inch base is enough to accommodate tough cutting needs. The base serves as a balancing feature. But the knowledge that this device can be extended is superb. Accommodate wide materials as there is a room for extension.

Scales are put upfront. This means that the user has got a convenient guiding point once needed. The figures are all visible that even those who have problems in vision can benefit.

Advantages of Using Bosch 5412 Slide Miter Saw

Tipping is never a possibility as it has a base wide enough to serve as a support. The tool can be extended to accommodate extra wide materials. Main handle can be locked in four different positions that you can just adjust to fit your comfort. Speed and power is assured as it lets the work done for minutes. Carbide blades work great in cutting all types of hard wood.

Disadvantage of Choosing Bosch 5412 Slide Miter Saw

This is a costly product that can range up to more than a thousand dollars. If you are some practical user with just small applications to finish, this is not the saw for you.
It come heavy duty with heavy weight as well. Bosch 5412 Slide Miter Saw has the features that one may need out of a saw. But given the price of the tool, come to think again.