Bosch 3912 Compound Miter Saw Review

Bosch 3912 Compound Miter Saw may not be the lightest miter saw on land but this is definitely one that can be carried with ease as it comes in durable design to provide comfort. It comes packed with state of the art features that will surely help save time in cutting materials.

Bosch 3912 Compound Miter Saw Features

  • Powered by a 15 amp motor
  • Large base at 25 inches for extra support
  • Comes in a 3 inch sliding system
  • Sliding fence system; Slides fence and base independently
  • Tall sliding fence
  • Cushioned handle
  • Electric brake
  • Dust bag
  • Powerful and Extendable

When it comes to power, Bosch 3912 Compound Miter Saw is a thing that one can depend on. It is powered by a tough 15 amp motor which works exactly in starting up the task with a full boost. A powerful motor is a need to provide a smooth cutting experience.

The base of Bosch 3912 Compound Miter Saw is evidently huge. It does not only stand for aesthetic purposes though as it comes to create a state of balance with the device and the material to be cut. It goes as huge as 25 inches but it can still be extended to accommodate the material to be cut. Versatility is indeed one of the advantages of having to use the product.

Convenient Design

The thing that most consumers look for in a certain brand or device is the convenience it brings. Bosch 3912 Compound Miter Saw has its own share of convenience as it brings sliding fences that are fully adjustable. The fence serves as an anchor and a guide to the material holding it in place while in the performance of the task.

Handles are cushioned too. Lengthened work is such an easy thing to do with the handles getting all comfortable to hold for long. There is no stressful situation because everything is made for the user’s comfort while on the job.

More about its convenience is the easily accessible brakes. Starting up and stopping the task is just easy because there is a central control that one can just cling to when things go rough while cutting the wood.

Since the device is readily adjustable, might as well need a wrench that could help up. This is conveniently in the package. There are also locks that come with the device to let it stay in place while it performs its optimum function.

Advantages of Using Bosch 3912 Compound Miter Saw

  • It has a powerful system with durable construction that will surely bring each user the satisfaction of using such tool.
  • Base is wide enough to maintain balance and to accommodate materials.
  • Locks are there to keep the object anchored in place. This is great to avoid interrupting with the work by adjusting locks from time to time.

Disadvantages of Using Bosch 3912 Compound Miter Saw

  • The size of the device needs a wide surface. The 25 inch base alone lets you see that this is indeed enormous. Carrying it from one place to the other is also a hitch.
  • Though locks come to anchor the device in place, this would take much of the time. There is a need to really make sure that it is tightened enough to avoid tipping.

Generally, Bosch 3912 Compound Miter Saw is a tool that will do much of the work. Customers can attest to the durability and convenience that this single device can give. Though there are some drawbacks, these things do not actually outweigh the benefits.